PTE Hydraulics

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About PTE Hydraulics


  • 1967 - Established as Precision Tool Engineering, a jobbing shop that provided high quality precision machining services.

  • 1985 - The decision was taken to focus solely on the production of hydraulic cylinders.

  • 1990 - Name changed to PTE Hydraulics.

  • 2008 - Began manufacture of rotary actuators.

  • 2020 - Awarded our certificate of approval for meeting the requirements of the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

Today PTE Hydraulics is one of the largest specialist manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders and rotary actuators in Australia.



We have an ongoing R&D program aimed at increasing the performance levels and the working life of our cylinders and at simplifying repairs and maintenance.

As an example of our commitment, we have recently completed a three year research and development project in co-operation with the University of Queensland. The close relationship with the university continues and has delivered a PhD project titled "The Mechanics of Hydraulic Cylinders".

This research effort has ensured that PTE Hydraulics is the Australian hydraulic cylinder market leader in new product and process design.


Design: We have our own in-house engineers who are highly experienced and use their in-depth knowledge of fluid power mechanics as well as the latest Solid Edge 3D CAD package and finite element analysis techniques to produce the best designs possible.

Equipment: We are committed to maintaining our manufacturing capability at the leading edge of technology through a diversity of CNC lathes and machining centres which are linked with a sophisticated CAD/CAM system.

Over the last five years, we have spent over $3 million upgrading our CNC machine tools.


Our track record over more than 40 years across a wide range of industries and cylinder designs speaks for itself and means that, when you use PTE hydraulic cylinders, you will never compromise the quality of your product or equipment.

Read our case studies


When we recently asked our customers why they buy from PTE, these are typical examples of the responses we received:

“Back-up service - the time from when we place our orders to the time of receipt of order there is back-up all the way; stands them out above the rest.”

“Quality and service; I see them as part of our production team.”

“They proactively come to us and show us how they can save money for us, ie: work with us to get per unit pricing down, other companies not interested; willing to put offer on the table and help us to help them.”

“Service, service, service and service, and quality of the product; true partnership (they know how to spell PARTNERSHIP).”

“Quality is more important than price: others may be cheaper but the quality is not there so PTE gets the business.”