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Rotary Actuator Technical Data

rachead PTE Hydraulics' Rotary Actuators are customised to meet the performance criteria of our customers' individual application.  With its precision helical spline design, linear piston motion is converted into a rotation.  Rotary Actuators are a high torque, low maintenance hydraulically powered hinge used for lifting, lowering, tilting, slewing and rotation (up to 360 degrees) within many market sectors.




While capable of delivering high levels of torque, PTE rotary actuators can be controlled precisely and have been successfully utilised in many applications where limited rotation is required.

They are available complete with various mounting configurations and integral valving.

Once in operation, the internal gearing of the rotary actuator is continually bathed in oil.  Therefore, it is completely protected from the external working environment, free of dust, dirt and moisture.

The PTE manufactured unit has proven to be robust and durable when used within mining, drilling and earthmoving applications.  Designed as a completely sealed unit they are also suitable for use within the pharmaceutical and food processing industries where a high degree of cleanliness and hygiene is required.

Should you currently have a specific rotary actuator application please complete the customer enquiry form.  Alternately please feel free to contact our office directly to speak to a member of sales team.


  • Compact design
  • Equal torque in both directions
  • Low maintenance
  • High dynamic torque
  • Tailored custom design
  • High holding torque


  • Agriculture: Header Rotation - FEL Attachments - Harvesters
  • Earthmoving: Tilting Hitches - Buckets - Access Ladders
  • Elevated Work Platforms: Basket Rotation - Boom Lift
  • Industrial: Valve Actuation
  • Material Handling: Forklifts - Container Handling Equipment
  • Mining: Drill Rigs - Roof Bolters
  • Transport/Trailers: Ramp Lift - Deck-Wideners
  • Waste: Refuse/Recycling Trucks - Static Compactors - Road Sweepers